What is psychedelic integration?

The psychedelic journey through altered states of consciousness impacts the journeyer mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and environmentally. Returning to normal life after experimenting with psychedelic substances and plant medicines can feel different, awkward, or even downright challenging. Acknowledgements and adjustments must be made by the individual in order to accommodate new knowledge and insights, and to regain a balanced state of wholeness and well-being; this is psychedelic integration.


Psychedelic integration coaching offers non-judgmental, non-pathologizing emotional support to those who have previously explored altered states of consciousness. This is a space to process the journey, find meaning and words for inexplicable visions, understand difficult trips, and translate the insights into daily steps that will enable you to release, heal and grow.

Sherree M. Godasi, Psychedelic Integration Coach

I consider the careful integration of the psychedelic experience to be an enriching self-care practice and a necessary harm reduction technique. My perspective is drawn from a combination of my academic studies, professional experience, personal research and inner work. I hold a Master’s in psychology specializing in psychedelic integration therapy with a focus on spiritual/depth theories (however, I am not a licensed therapist). I am also a certified psycho-spiritual integration and addiction recovery coach through Being True To You, and trained in spiritual emergence. My approach draws from transpersonal, mindfulness and shamanic healing modalities to fuse ancient wisdom with modern & practical practices. At this age of a psychedelic renaissance I work with clients before and after entheogenic journeys to educate towards a responsible and safe engagement with entheogens and to cultivate a connection with our inner healer every day – living that psychedelic feeling.

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