Resign To Redesign

The Creative Force by Louis Dyer

The Creative Force by Louis Dyer

What a wonderful time to be alive. In an age of collective awakening that is cultivating states of hope and urgency, opportunities for Self realization through service, social activism, and trailblazing through new paths once unheard of are now abundant. Just a few years ago, little did I know as a psychology student and aspiring therapist that through the vehicle of community building psychedelic integration would become a uniting force destined to connect thousands of residents of our City of Angels.

A common bond in the medicine community is our hunger to heal, learn, expand and continue improving our lives and the lives of others. Hell or high water (preferably the latter!) we are willing to work our way through uncharted, sometimes confusing and turbulent territories in order to create a reality that is in alignment with a higher vision that we somehow know is ours to embody. Sometimes it may feel like it’s not entirely up to us: a foreign and grand force of nature that is beyond our control begs to emerge and be created, using us as a conduit. Such is the human Spirit’s quest as an evolutionary mechanism that propels our species into elevated states of consciousness and of being. 

As a member of the medicine tribe this is a path I am familiar with. In January 2017 in articulating my professional offerings as a psychedelic integration coach building her practice and seeking an audience,PsychedeLiA emerged with a mission: to bring together individuals who are interested in the psychological and spiritual healing of psychedelics, and to create spaces of peer and professional support and education. Not without sharp learning curves and growing pains, along with the expansion of the organization so did I continue to grow and evolve as an integration professional, as a coach and as a person. Two years later, with PsychedeLiA’s current integration program including weekly community circles, online peer support calls, 3 different series of educational workshops and a team of dedicated facilitators, it seems the mission - once only a higher vision in imagination - has been realized.Formed through a sense of entrepreneurship and a personal desire to enact a creation process, PsychedeLiA is its own established living and breathing entity that is no longer dependent on the creator to exist.

If creation is a transformative process of re-creation, the creator must always be prepared to augment or release the original intention they had as the vision’s essence continues to refine. Psychedelic integration, if anything, is a process of refinement and re-creation - of one’s Self and of one’s life. My psychedelic integration practice in recent months has revealed the need to redefine my professional palette along with new visions that are waiting to emerge. After a sincere attempt to balance the current  load it now feels necessary to clear my desk in order to allow new assignments to realize their potential. Thus, I have decided to resign from my role as the active director of PsychedeLiA. 

Moving forward, here is what you can expect as a PsychedeLiA community member:

  • My professional operations will continue under the brand “The Psychedelic Integration Coach”. The refined mission will be focused on my three passions: education, writing and engaging with/supporting clients in a healing and empowering integration process. These objectives will be manifested through psychedelic consultations, group coaching programs and educational classes and workshops offered live and online. A separate monthly newsletter by The Psychedelic Integration Coach will be sent to update on these events.

  • I will be transitioning from directing PsychedeLiA into an advisory and mentorship role to those who wish to become a part of our grassroots organization. The intention for this is to

    1. Continue aligning the organization’s work with its mission purpose;  and 
    2. To invite more integration community peers and professionals to take an active role in continuing to re-create LA’s integration hub.

  • A call for action for anyone in the PsychedeLiA community who has always wondered how they can get involved in the psychedelic renaissance:

    • While this guess is unverified, with its varied program PsychedeLiA is likely the one of the first organizations in the world to have translated the relatively new and somewhat vague concept of psychedelic integration into a structured grassroots operations. In the last couple of years PsychedeLiA has served 1500-2000 members of LA’s psychedelic community, and growing. We now need you to join our grassroots efforts supporting the underserved demographic of psychedelic substance users.

  • PsychedeLiA in its current state takes a good effort in managing and operating its different avenues. We need the community to fill the following roles:

  • Events production & logistics

  • Website maintenance - updating events and content

  • Social media - facebook, instagram, youtube

  • Website content: articles, psychedelic resource bank

  • Graphic design for our logo and banners

  • Event advertising on social media

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Treasurer: money collection & bookkeeping

We invite you to share: what other roles you would like to fill? Which of your many talents would you like to contribute? What ideas would you like to share? What visions would you like to realize? Email and turn it into a reality. PsychedeLiA is and will be what the community makes it to be.

From vision to realization. Integration = community.



Paintbrush Warrior by Mark Henson

Paintbrush Warrior by Mark Henson