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Last night I attended a memorial service of a family member who crossed the veil. Hundreds of people congregated in the largest synagogue in Beverly Hills. In an ocean of conservative black attire there I audaciously stood out in white and green velour nature-themed outfit. Seems like I entertained many guests throughout the evening; in an Iranian community it is uncommon for a female to defy codes of conduct and boldly present herself. People were curious. Not the happiest of circumstance that has brought hundreds of people together but what a blessing it was to reconnect with members of my tribe after too many months and years. And what a gift it was to hear over and again, “You are more beautiful than you ever have been”. “You are radiant”. “You look peaceful”. “You keep getting more beautiful”. My physical age is 41 solar returns. My Spirit’s many lifetimes, with many more to go. What’s my secret?

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I said, 

My secret is that I’m presently more authentic and more “Me” than I ever have been previously in my life.

My secret is that I no longer care to adhere to my culture’s heavy expectations.

My secret is that I’ve forgiven human products of this culture, and learned to accept them for who they are - because I’ve forgiven my Self, and learned to accept my Self for who I am

My secret is that I’m finally free.

My secret is that I’ve learned that Self care is the highest form of Self love. That Self love is the highest form of service to others.

And that beauty is a form of divine expression that flows through us as a means of inspiration and reminder to our Source. I am learning to own this role more every day. 

My secret is previously employing natural psychoactive medicines such as ayahuasca, Kambo, and psilocybin, that are revered by indigenous cultures to be anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. And to my opinion - they are anti-aging.

My secret is that I have utilized these psychedelics within an integration framework that has revitalized my life - and growing! 

Psychedelic Integration Youth Elixir

I am not the same person I was last time I saw my family; and will not be the same next we meet. That is my commitment to my Self. To keep shedding, transforming, blossoming, becoming, owning that which I already am. Again, still learning. Forever a student of medicine wisdom and in humility I walk this long road home.

Finally, I do not wish to keep this “secret” to myself: everyone who wishes to should know about the evolutionary potential of psychedelics when approached and examined with care, mindfulness, reverence, and a harm-reducing, benefit-enhancing work structure - psychedelic integration. That is THE secret. And this is my purpose - to share this precious, indispensable knowledge and transmute ancient healing technologies, right along with the integration work that supports them. With integration we can utilize these sacred agents of change in the safest and most efficient way possible. 

A psychologist I respect told me once that in every family, there is always one person who’s function is to stir the pot to bring change. At the memorial, I felt proud to be a luminous light disrupting the darkness, integrating the medicine into the tribe to rekindle that which has been forgotten. 

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