Listen, Learn, Integrate

Psychedelic Head

What is psychedelic integration? 

It’s looking at life as an ongoing, never-ending ceremony

That is meant to bring our awareness to the order of all things 

An order divinely designed to support our growth and evolvement

As individuals and as a species

Spiritually speaking.  

A ceremony, a psyche-delic/soul-manifesting journey

Where every person has a role

Every interaction is an instigator

Every event is a symbol, and chains of events are intentionally-designed, sequential and causative. 

And events will keep repeating themselves, give or take some details, until we realize we are only inserting ourselves into the exact same sets, same stages, same stories. 

And we wearily take upon ourselves the same lead role, because we’ve rehearsed the script countless times until every action is memorized. 

We depend on the story for our lives, because it is all we know, it is the identity we have created and who are we without our identity?

Limiting Thoughts

With a constricted, limited mindset we remain within a limited identity and live out limiting stories.

To validate the truth of our story we insert other people, other relationships, into the same supporting roles that bolster and amplify the illusion of our own. 

With the exact same consciousness we create the exact same situations, same patterns. 

And the stories, now playing out on autopilot, repeat themselves insidiously until we get tired of hearing them - not listening to them, hearing them - and we become ready to move on. 

And we really, truly start listening... Finally Learning the moral of the story. 

And the illusion pops in our face - we wake up to the fact it was, indeed, just a story - we snap out of a dream- like state. We awaken. Instantly we become aware, we see more than we have seen before. 

Steady experiential processes. 

Psychedelic Brain


Or we can zoom out, scope and realize

Every person in our lifelong ceremony is a messenger

Every occurrence a provocateur

Every provocation a catalyst, an invitation by the Great Designer to become aware

In the here and now

To learn morals, truth and virtue

To see beyond the illusion

So we can change the story 

Because it is all speaking, to each of us. All. The. Time. 

Psychedelic integration 

Is Listening. 

Psychedelic Renewal