One-on-one sessions are offered to individuals to help them make safe and informed decisions regarding psychedelic engagement/therapy. You can use the session to gain more knowledge about psychedelics, clarify your goals, bring up and process specific matters you wish to work through, set your intentions, ask questions and gather resources to move forward. Sessions hold a confidential, validating, non-judgemental conversation combined with proactive coaching, so we work together to identify the root causes of any issues with a solution-focused mindset. If you are curious about psychedelics and non-ordinary states of consciousness, preparing for psychedelic experiences or are experienced with psychedelics, consultations are for you.

Consultation topics include:

  • Psychedelic safety assessments

  • Mental health conditions - how psychedelics work with trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD and personality disorders

  • Pharmaceutical medication compatibility/contraindications with psychedelics

  • Preparation and considerations for psychedelic therapy/retreats

  • Chemical compounds (classic) and plant medicines

  • Indigenous medicines and spirits

  • Microdosing

  • Spiritual emergence

  • Challenging psychedelic experiences

  • Effective psychedelic space navigation skills

  • Translation and interpretation of psychedelic experiences

  • Psychedelic education - preparation, engagement, integration

  • Career guidance for the integration curious/students

  • Training and supervision (non-clinical) for integration professionals and mental health providers

  • Life optimization: relationships, creativity enhancement, emotional literacy, Self mastery

  • Psychedelic alchemy

60 minutes - $180-250 sliding scale

30 minutes - $100

  • Consultations are conducted virtually, by phone or in person in Chino Hills, CA

  • Confidentiality and ethical boundaries are maintained throughout

  • Though I studied psychology, I am not a licensed mental health provider. Should you need clinical support, references to local psychedelic-friendly clinicians will be made available, or visit the MAPS Integration List

  • The use of psychedelic substances is not encouraged, and referrals to psychedelic guides are not provided

  • Please visit the FAQ page for more info.