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Creating the Psychedelic Experience: Preparation, Navigation & Integration of Psychedelic States, 1-day workshop

  • The Integration Sanctuary Private Residence Chino Hills, CA USA (map)

Creating the Psychedelic Experience: Preparation, Navigation and Integration of Psychedelic States

Millions of Americans are using psychedelic substances such as LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca and DMT to explore altered states of consciousness, research shows. Navigating through psychedelic states impacts the individual’s life in many ways, including psychological, spiritual, physical and environmental factors. Having the right tools is essential for minimizing potential risks as well as for maximizing potential benefits involved with experimenting with psychedelic substances. This informational and experiential workshop is offered as a harm-reduction technique to provide educational tools, promote mindfulness and encourage personal responsibility in those who decide in their own right to engage with powerful psychedelic medicines.

In this workshop, participants will learn hands-on strategies to help master the three tenets of the vast psychedelic experience: the preparatory phase, navigating through the psychedelic session and integration of insights into daily life (full description below). Participants will be guided through learning activities and receive written materials with all presented information. As the psychedelic journey is in many ways a micro-cosmos of our life’s journey, concepts to be discussed such as meta-awareness, resilience, life balance, and well-being can apply to everyone - from the psychedelic-naive, to the curious, to the experienced psychonaut.

Presented by Sherree M. Godasi, “The Psychedelic Integration Coach”.

Workshop Description:

Part 1: Preparation for Psychedelic States

Preparation serves the purpose of optimizing the entheogenic experience and maximizing its long-term benefits, as it primes the inner dialogue and physical vessel for the journey of growth and transformation in various areas of the individual’s life. Though this phase is often disregarded, preparation sets the foundations for a safer, less challenging, more profound and enlightening psychedelic journey. 

Participants will learn:

The impact of preparation on the psychedelic journey

Personal responsibilities and roles of the journeyer

Preparation strategies of various life domains: emotional, relational, physical, spiritual, environmental

Preparation timelines and techniques for the medicine journey

Part 2: Psychedelic Space Navigation
Psychedelics are described as 'amplifiers of the mental processes' which rely on multiple unique and subjective factors. This makes it nearly impossible to predict the narrative of the psychedelic session. A navigation skill set can assist the journeyer to make their way through altered states safely, diligently and gracefully, ultimately gaining more understanding and growth from the expansive psychedelic experience. 

Participants will learn:

Meeting and easing into psychedelic space

Awareness and presence skills

Content discovery and coping tools

How to remain open to and invite breakthroughs

How to stay centered through challenging moments and material

Transitioning back into default mode

Part 3: Psychedelic Integration
When experimenting with psychedelic substances, the leap in consciousness can sometime be so great that individuals my struggle in readjusting to a balanced state, leading to loss of potential benefits or even negative assimilation of the psychedelic experience. Psychedelic Integration, the bridge between the mystical and ineffable psychedelic realm and our everyday default world, has the dual aim of maximizing the profound insights gleaned in altered states while reducing potential harms from challenging experiences related to returning to a standard state of consciousness. Through integration, the visions turn into practice...“The work begins when the ceremony ends”.

Participants will learn:

Foundations of Psychedelic Integration

Potential implications of psychedelic states

Integration techniques for various domains: emotional, relational, physical, spiritual, environmental

Various integration-supportive practices

Workshop price:
$85 pre-purchased online, $100 on day of workshop

Location: Private residence, Chino Hills, CA, address shared upon registration

About the facilitator:
Sherree lends a passionate philosophy about mindful integration of the psychedelic experience as an enriching self-care practice and a harm reduction technique. She holds a Master’s degree in psychology specializing in Psychedelic Integration Therapy with a focus on spiritual/depth theories, is a certified senior Psycho-Spiritual Integration and Addiction Recovery Coach and is trained in Spiritual Emergence. She an original co-founder of InnerSpace Integration, a community-centered organization offering psychedelic integration services in Los Angeles. In addition to supporting individuals in psychospiritual transformation through coaching in private practice, Sherree hosts psychedelic and ayahuasca integration support coaching groups as well as other integration-centered events. At this psychedelic renaissance she hopes to educate towards a responsible engagement with entheogens and cultivate a connection with our inner healer to ultimately recall our truth, return to wholeness and live that psychedelic feeling.

Disclaimer: This course or the facilitator do not encourage or promote or solicit the use of illegal substances. This workshop is for educational purposes only, and does not include the use of psychedelic substances.