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Iboga Micro Flood Dosing with Cannabis: Decoding the Subconscious

  • Kathmandu Boutique 1844 Lincoln Boulevard Venice, CA, 90291 United States (map)

The Shamanic Practices workshop series hosts medicine people who share about the historical background, contemporary practices and integration of natural, indigenous psychedelics. The workshop is presented in an informative, interactive and intimate salon-style evening.The event is open to all who are interested in furthering their education on the safe uses of entheogens.

DOORS: Open 6:30 pm

Workshop & Q/A: 7-9 pm

PRICE: $22.22 pre-purchased online, $27 at the door
Limited to 25 guests.

Iboga Micro Flood Dosing with Cannabis: Decoding the Subconscious

Iboga is a West African plant teacher unlike any other psychedelic substance. The powerful visions it produces allow you to view your own thoughts, patterns, behaviors, habits, conditioning and life experiences from a completely objective and detached point of view. It has traditionally been used two ways: The first is flood dosing, a 24-72 hour process requiring consumption of significant amounts of the medicine and supervision by an experienced healer, facilitator, or sitter. During this time participants are mostly immobile as they experience what has been described as a “waking dream state,” sometimes referred to as a “life review” or “defrag.” The second option is microdosing, in which much smaller amounts of Iboga are consumed over time in hopes of eventually experiencing some of its natural antidepressant, introspective and neuroplastic effects. There is, however, a third way of working with this medicine which seems to have been largely overlooked: By combining relatively small amounts of Iboga with cannabis, individuals can have an experience similar to a flood dose without being immobilized for long periods. In this talk we will explore best practices and harm reduction techniques for working with this potent combination of psychoactive plants.

Topics covered will include:

History of Iboga and Indigenous Use

Difference between Iboga and Ibogaine

Anticipated effects when flood, micro and micro flood dosing

Presenter’s personal experience with this medicine

Recommended best practices for micro flood dosing

Integration tips, techniques and modalities

Hosted by Greg Lawrence, PsychedeLiA Integration Specialist

Greg Lawrence is a psychedelic integration specialist and community integration circle facilitator for PsychedeLiA; an energy worker; coach; and an active member of the Los Angeles plant medicine community. He began experimenting with psychedelics in his late teens, but when the use of “hard drugs” caused his life to spiral out of control during his late twenties he walked away from both drugs and psychedelics. When personal tragedy turned his life upside-down twenty-five years later he once again turned to entheogens to deal with his grief, and with childhood trauma that had been lurking in the background for nearly forty years. Greg credits psychedelics, traditional psychotherapy and personal coaching with helping him to transform his life. Strongly called to work with Iboga but unable to undergo a flood dose due to medical considerations, he decided to try microdosing and discovered by chance that “stacking” cannabis with Iboga could produce a powerful psycho-spiritual experience. He now considers Iboga to be the most important plant medicine he has worked with.

PsychedeLiA: Psychedelic Experience Integration, Los Angeles is a collective of professionals and peers interested in the potential psychological and spiritual healing properties of psychedelics. PsychedeLiA events are intended for the purpose of educating about mindful & safe integration of entheogenic experiences, offering emotional support, and creating meaningful connections between community members.

PsychedeLiA's Mission Purpose: to help bridge the gap between the psychedelic realm and default life so that our integration on all levels is smooth and intentional, to ultimately keep us SAFE, SANE, STELLAR. We share integration tips, tools and strategies that can help you navigate your journey and translate your entheogenic experience into daily action steps that will inspire you... To step into your highest Self, embody the truth that resides within you and live the life you are meant to live.

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