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Rapé medicine ceremony & integration circle

  • The Integration Sanctuary Private Residence Chino Hills (map)

Rapé medicine ceremony & integration circle

Rapé (pronounced rah-PAY or HAH-pay), is a blend of sacred, medicinal plants, seeds, leaves, trees and other ingredients, often containing a strong jungle tobacco known as Mapacho, and used by various tribes indigenous to the Amazon in Brazil and Peru. During the rapé ritual, the powdery blend is blown into the nostrils by means of a special pipe, traditionally made of bamboo or bone.

Although rapé is often thought of as a medicine used within the context of other plant medicine ceremonies, it can be an equally powerful medicine when used on its own. It can also be used as an integrative practice before/after medicine sessions. Some immediate benefits include a deepening of meditative practices, clearing of heavy energy and lighter physical feeling, and release of anxiety and stress. It is a legal substance in the US and its felt effects typically last between 5-20 minutes.

Join us for a communal rapé ceremony and integration circle. The ceremony will be lead by Jon DeRosa, a practitioner and facilitator in the field of somatic and shamanic healing. One of his primary concentrations being rapé, Jon is the founder of HanaqPacha, bringing shamanic tools and medicines from the Andes and the Amazon here to the US. Jon is also the founder of Somatic LA, working in the field of Somatic Healing and PNE (Psychoneuroenergetics), combining the Somatic techniques of Dr. Peter Levine with the Body Electronics and points-holding work of Dr. John Whitman Ray and the vagal nerve regulation techniques of Stanley Rosenberg.

Jon will provide a brief overview of rapé it’s usage and what can be expected during the engagement with the medicine. The ceremony will include application and meditation, followed by an integration circle where each participant can share about their experience while enjoying light refreshments.

Jon will have quality handcrafted rapé pipes (Tepi and Kuripe) and blends available for purchase.

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Event Details:

Time: Sunday, July 29 2018, 2-5 pm

Location: private residence in Chino Hills, CA (location will be provided to guests the day of ceremony)

Tickets: Pre-purchased only - no tickets will be sold onsite

Limited to 14 participants, must be 21 and over.

It is recommended to eat a very light lunch. Rapé can potentially induce nausea and vomiting, please bring a small bucket.

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