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Music & Psychedelic Healing

  • The Imagination Lab 621 West Line Street, Suite 204 Bishop, CA 93514 (map)

Music, Psychedelic Medicine and Collective Healing

As renewed interest in psychedelics has emerged in the last two decades, LSD, psilocybin “magic” mushrooms, MDMA, and ayahuasca are again becoming popular among people who wish to explore consciousness. While recent clinical research has  shown success of psychedelics treating various mental health conditions, there has also been an expansion of ritual use for purposes of religious experience, psychospiritual wellbeing, community connection, and healing. Music is a powerful tool utilized in psychedelic therapy sessions and ceremonies as it can evoke a wide range of emotions and transmute energy, eliciting a depth of healing that is unique to this technology.

Join Ben and Sherree Malcolm for an afternoon of world music, psychedelic conversation and community connection. No previous knowledge or experience is needed - everyone is welcome.

Sherree & Ben Malcolm are wife and husband whom share a mutual love of humanity, nature and interconnectedness. Sherree is a psychedelic educator and certified coach, and is the founder of two psychedelic integration community organizations in Los Angeles, CA. She earned her Master’s degree in psychology and psychedelic integration therapy (M.A.) from Antioch University, Los Angeles. Ben is Board Certified in Psychiatric Pharmacy (BCPP) and earned his doctorate of pharmacy (PharmD) and Master of Public Health (MPH) degrees from Touro University California College of Pharmacy. He serves as an Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Administration at Western University of Health Sciences, College of Pharmacy. He also practices as a clinical psychiatric pharmacist in an inpatient psychiatric facility and teaches clinical psychopharmacology. Ben and Sherree envision a healthy society in which psychedelics are available in safe and supported settings for treatment of illness, psychospiritual healing and growth, exploration of consciousness, religious worship and celebration. They are ecstatic to present this workshop together, educate and empower peers on similar paths to help realize this vision for a raised collective.