Schedule a psychedelic consultation/coaching session with Sherree

Thank you for taking a conscious step towards education, safety and mindfulness concerning psychedelics. You are in the great company of many individuals who are following the psychedelic renaissance and the resurge in scientific research, and are interested in learning more about the healing potential of these substances. Services are offered in hopes of supporting curious individuals and helping them make safe and informed decisions regarding psychedelic engagement/therapy.

Sherree Malcolm Godasi, The Psychedelic Integration Coach

If you are a new client, choose the suitable consultation:

Psychedelic consultation - 1 hour - In Person or Remote

You are curious, want to learn more about psychedelics and don’t know where to begin. Use this session to gain more knowledge regarding psychedelics and their different uses for psychological growth, spiritual healing and personal enhancement. Clarify your goals, set your intentions, ask questions and gather resources to move forward. May also use as a single coaching session to prepare for or integrate a past psychedelic experience.

Psychedelic/pharmaceutical consultation - 1.5 hours - In Person or Remote

You are thinking about using psychedelics to treat mental health conditions such as PTSD/depression/anxiety/addiction/substance misuse, and need acute clarification as to psychedelic suitability. Gain information regarding any potential contraindications with pharmaceuticals that are typically prescribed to treat various mental health and physical conditions. Use this session as a psychedelic safety assessment.

If you are an existing client, choose coaching sessions:

Preparation and Integration Coaching Sessions - 1 hour/1.5 hours - In Person or Remote

You are actively preparing to engage with psychedelics or you have used psychedelics on your own, through a retreat, or with a therapist/guide. You are seeking preparation and harm-reduction methods, psychedelic navigation skills to make the most out of your upcoming experience, and/or integration to process and sustain psychedelic insights. My style is informed from a combination of depth psychology, non-directive therapy, proactive coaching and intuitive healing. Bring up specific matters you wish to work through, e will work together to identify the root causes of any issues with a solution-focused mindset - including take-home assignments for you to work on between sessions.

To all clients:

Please keep in mind that though I studied psychology I am not a licensed clinical therapist/psychologist. Read more about me and my credentials here, and read through the FAQ’s/disclaimer. I do not make references to illicit substance use/therapy or provide references for psychedelic therapists/guides/facilitators. Confidentiality and ethical boundaries are maintained throughout.

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