- How do integration service providers train to provide integration services?

- Where do they learn the educational framework and practical art of psychedelic integration?

- Who do they consult with to share client cases and confirm they are providing their clients with the best integration interventions and support possible?

- Where do they acquire field-tested integration techniques, strategies and tools to share with their clients, and to broaden their range of integration services?

- How do they expand on their knowledge and craft to develop their own signature integration modality?


Welcome to the

Integration Mastermind:

Your Psychedelic Support Toolkit


The Integration Mastermind is a robust incubator combining

  • Specialized integration training

  • Psychedelic education

  • Expert coaching

  • Peer supervision and support

    All utilized in a focused group container for the integration professional.

Why do we need Psychedelic Integration training?


In light of the current psychedelic renaissance through clinical research, media features and public conventions, millions of people are are drawn to investigation of altered states through psychedelics.

A sheer curiosity can ultimately lead psychedelic explorers into profound, life-altering peak experience including:

  • Disillusion of psychic structure

  • Questioning of personal identity and life

  • Mystical experiences

  • Trauma revelation

  • Physical detoxification and healing

  • Energetic and spiritual awakenings

  • Imbalance in mental health

  • Transformational and creative undertaking

  • Encounters with extraterrestrial worlds and entities

  • Trans-generational divulgence

  • Existential and universal inquiry

Without clear guidelines, easily-accessible safety protocols and permissive spaces for discussion and education, many individuals may find themselves:

  • Confused by the lack of legitimate, reliable resources

  • Disempowered to make their own decisions about their well-being and lives

  • Invalidated and potentially embarrassed and shamed for their desires to explore options for personal healing.

If you work with clients that:

  • Have heard about psychedelics and are asking you questions about them

  • Are about to use psychedelics and are seeking your guidance as to how to move forward safely and mindfully

  • Have used psychedelics and are turning to you for understanding and support

How do you offer these clients accurate information, promote personal responsibility, empower them to make safe decisions and provide a compassionate and effective framework for psycho-spiritual transformation - all while staying within your professional ethical boundaries?

The Integration Mastermind


Members of the The Integration Mastermind will:

  • Obtain an in-depth understanding of psychedelic integration theory & practice

  • Clarify their integration support role within professional ethical boundaries

  • Acquire psychedelic harm reduction techniques

  • Gain practical integration interventions, skills and practices

  • Gain knowledge about Jungian and transpersonal psychology

  • Discuss and share various integration client cases

  • Learn safety protocols for users with various mental health conditions

  • Resolve integration-related challenges in a supportive environment

  • Draw from a rich collective pool of integration skills, experience and knowledge

  • Build an educational psychedelic integration library: recommendations to articles, books, podcasts, videos and meditations

  • Develop a unique professional integration style and repertoire

  • Partake in a dynamic, productive and goal-oriented discussion

  • Receive collegial feedback, support and accountability

  • Network with other like-minded psychedelic integration professionals

  • Learn to expand their integration client base


What you get as a mastermind member:

  • Membership in a dynamic group of committed integration professionals who are eager to share from their experience, skill set and expertise with one another

  • Training and coaching by Sherree M. Godasi, a renowned psychedelic integration educator and trailblazer

  • Biweekly 90-minute LIVE group video sessions with Sherree. Sessions will be recorded and available to stream at your convenience for the duration of the mastermind

  • Psychedelic integration interventions, strategies, tools and techniques to utilize in your work

  • Client case illumination and integration topic highlighted in every session

  • Jungian analysis-based psychedelic integration coaching by Sherree per case, along with group feedback

  • Integration book club to promote a deeper understanding of depth psychology and psycho-spiritual psychedelic healing

  • Educational resources: book recommendations, podcasts, meditations, videos and assignments for further learning and to share with your clients

  • Closed Facebook group provides ongoing support, connection and networking between Mastermind participants

Psychedelic Integration Coach Training

Requirements for membership:

Applicants must be professionals working in one of the following vocations:

  • Professional counselor

  • Integration coach

  • Marriage and family therapist

  • Somatic therapist

  • Psychologist

  • Addictions/drug counselor

  • Social Worker

  • Spiritual practitioner/minister

  • Occupational therapist

  • Physical therapist

  • Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner

  • Psychiatrist

  • Naturopathic doctor

  • Physician/Physician assistant

  • Chinese medicine practitioners

  • Ceremony facilitator

    Additional requirements:

    • You’re interested in furthering your education, deepening your knowledge and expanding your expertise in psychedelic therapy & integration

    • You have a desire to develop a personal psychedelic integration style and methodology

    • You thrive off of group energy and are eager to share, support and co-create an integration space for other integration space creators

    • You are available and ready to commit to a 6-month integration mentorship experience

    • Some professionals prefer more personalized attention. If this is you, book a chat to discuss options for a personalized integration coaching program.

What happens next:

  • Applicants will be contacted for a brief interview to determine fit for the group.

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, new groups will be formed upon demand. Apply now to be considered for the upcoming group.

  • The Integration Mastermind does not encourage the use of psychedelic substances. Psychedelic substances are not utilized in the coaching sessions and referrals to illegal psychedelic therapy are not provided.

this group is not for:

  • Individuals who are not interested in or prepared to commit themselves a dynamic learning and training program in a professional setting

  • Individuals who shy from groups and prefer one-on-one coaching experiences

  • Individuals who are interested in integration coaching program for personal inner work and development. If this is you, consider joining the Psychedelic Alchemy Coaching Group.

  • Individuals who are currently not prepared to make the monthly financial investment. You’re encouraged to apply when timing is right.


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