Clients of Psychedelic Integration Coaching are saying... 

I feel much more grounded with the experiences I have had, as I was able to talk about it and think about it in a way that offered tremendous growth and deeper understanding. The option would have been to work solitary in my own mind, which would not have allowed me to understand how others are dealing with same integration questions and challenges. I particularly remember a discussion regarding the legality of cannabis, and how we may feel ‘criminal’ or ‘wrong’ for using this to enhance our being. This allowed me to overcome the stigma and very much appreciate the gifts that I have been given, without feeling less than or like I am doing something wrong. This was huge for me.
Sherree is superb! Kind, supportive, open and very knowledgeable about the subject matter. Great guidance and feedback. Professional and invested in drilling down into the subjects experience and future opportunities to best optimize all experiences, both negative and positive.
Thank you for doing all that you do SO WELL. I’ve already shared my experience with some of my cohorts and fellow self-examiners. You’ve won my heart, and simply Thank You for a memorable and healing experience.
The tools and strategies are spot on for those that are wanting to do the integration work.
After taking a very long “break” from them, psychedelics become an integral part of my personal growth and development over the past two years. At one point I felt I had arrived at a plateau of sorts, and realized that I needed to learn more about how to integrate the insights gleaned from psychedelic experience into my everyday life. It was through Meetup that I met Sherree, who impressed me with her breadth and depth of knowledge in the areas of psychology and psychedelic integration. I subsequently enrolled in one of Sherree’s multi-week Integration Intensive workshops and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge not only about integration methods that helped me to maximize my experiences, but about myself as well. It was one of the best investment of time and money I ever made. I do and will highly recommend Sherree’s services, and I can’t thank her enough.
I got a lot out of our session... Thank you for being so present and insightful, loving and gentle. Thank you.
I attended your recent space navigation and integration series. I am SO glad you decided to present on all this very helpful information. The knowledge you shared, especially for the integration is something I am very grateful to have learned about. Thank you again.
I would highly recommend it if you are interested in truly integrating your psychedelic experiences into your everyday living. As a newbie to the psychedelic experience earlier this year, the experiences left my mind, emotional and spiritual body in an untethered state that I had never experienced before. However I was at a loss as to who I could talk about my experiences with, as I have been on a solo spiritual journey throughout my life. Who could understand and not label me as a druggie, or psychotic? How could the amazing experiences not be integrated into my life somehow, to heal me and create the wholeness that I was yearning for? You know that old saying... “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”? I felt that I was being called to the sessions to greater comprehend the psychedelic work that I had begun, and to find more of a community to share, learn and grow with and from. That is truly what I found in Sherree. Her desire to provide the toolsets and knowledge to unravel and reveal the meanings, truths and opportunities that had been provided were instrumental in my understanding and unfolding development. It’s one thing to think about an experience, yet another to write it down and talk about it even, but when you are digging into it and vocalizing it, reliving it and embodying more of the high level truths, it is like the icing on the cake. The understandings are critical if you want to continue on the journey of self-exploration and to become the greatest version of the greatest vision you have ever held of yourself. Thank you AGAIN for doing what you do!