You are hearing all about psychedelics… Everywhere.

You are learning about psychedelic experiences and their profound, lightning-fast ability to change your mind - and your life.

You are wondering what it would be like to undergo a peak psychedelic experience that studies have shown to be one of the top 5 meaningful experiences of people’s lives.

You are reading about the current clinical research of the ability to relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, addictions, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with psychedelic therapy.

You have tried countless therapies attempting to relieve your own symptoms; to finally stop relying on anti-depressants and other medications, and attain robust mental and physical health; to be free of stress, find a healthy balance to fully live your life; to release anger, resentment, sadness, grief and shame and make room for joy, love and faith; to sift through and release the baggage for good and find forgiveness and peace; to stop being confused about your unhappiness and why life is not working out (even though everyone thinks it is!) and gain clarity to take charge of your destiny; to change sabotaging thoughts that impair your life and re-write your story; have the courage to leave behind anything that doesn’t serve who you are NOW, claim your truth and find life purpose; to stop pleasing others and be authentic and true to YOU. TO BE FREE.

You are curious about how psychedelics can benefit you - without spending years in therapy.









Since 2016 I have had the honor of personally supporting over a thousand individuals through psychedelic metamorphosis, and counting. Through my own integration lifestyle, and a penchant for serving the expansion of consciousness on our planet and the fellow human siblings who are hearing the call to heal and rise up to meet their highest potential, I have created a psychedelic integration philosophy and coaching program that is embedded on Jungian and depth psychology, Eastern mindfulness, indigenous shamanic practices and a modern, practical application methodology. Join me on a transformational inner journey of a lifetime, that will make its impact across lifetimes. Crystalize your consciousness; meet, embrace and embody your truest, highest Self.





The psychedelic journey through altered states of consciousness can impact users of psychedelics across all aspects of human life: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and environmentally.

How do you utilize psychedelics as tools of psychological healing, spiritual growth, physical rejuvenation and life optimization - in a safe, effective and sustainable manner?

Psychedelic Integration is a conscious framework that aims to bridge between the fleeting psychedelic realm and the everyday default world, inviting processes of:

Rebalance into ordinary states of being: before, after and in between experiences

Reflection upon psychedelic insights and the ways they relate to and effect one’s life

Release of stale habits, stories, paradigms, trauma, blockages, sabotaging thoughts

Recreation of one’s life in ways that align with the gained knowledge.


Psychedelic users who cultivate mindfulness before and after psychedelic states may greatly minimize potential harm and increase potential benefits associated with psychedelic experiences.

Psychedelic integration includes:

  • Preparation for psychedelic states and ceremonies

  • Skillsets, tools, techniques and strategies for navigation of altered states of consciousness

  • Post-experience integration support

Psychedelic integration sets the stage for a safe, deep and effective psychedelic experience. It then helps the user increase their understanding of the lessons, learn how to utilize them for Self improvement and positive transformation, accelerate the therapeutic process and sustain the healing indefinitely.

Adequate preparation for psychedelic experiences decreases the chance for a “bad” or “negative” trip by up to 90%, and protects both the user and the public from unfortunate situations that can be easily prevented. Psychological and physical risks can be nearly eliminated.

Integration helps the user acquire Self mastery, life management and optimization skills to advance and potentiate their lives, as well as the lives of those around them.


Through psychedelic states, users get a rare and precious opportunity to experience themselves and the world through the crystal-clear lens of their truest, highest Self. They receive a glimpse into their infinite potential, power, purpose and possibilities. Visions of a future that is aligned with the user’s pure essence, spirit and soul contracts are revealed in detail.

These visions, felt as ultimate truths and realities in psychedelic experiences, leave their mark on users who then wish to retain these feelings and possibilities and realize them every day.

Psychedelic integration clarifies the destination; and just as importantly, articulates the daily action steps that would get you there. Integration is where the rubber meets the road to turn your visions into your reality.

As awareness expands, so does the opportunity to test and adopt new ways of being as one strives towards a harmonious state of internal and external congruence and well-being that is noticeable not just to the individual but to others.


My integration coaching practice offers non-judgmental, non-pathologizing, affirming emotional support to those who are curious about, planning on or have previously explored altered states of consciousness through psychedelic substances.

In our sessions you will enter a safe and confidential space to acquire resources and information that are based on science, culture, shamanism and personal experience.

Customized Psychedelic Roadmap

We will draw out your personal psychedelic roadmap and explore the options that are right for you based on your past experiences, current life situations and future desired outcomes. We will take into account elements of time, finances, health, support systems and belief systems.

Throughout your integration coaching journey you will:

  • Clarify intentions, short and long term goals

  • Learn life skills to serve you through psychedelic experiences and every day

  • Process psychedelic insights and lessons

  • Find meaning and words for inexplicable visions

  • Accept difficult trips and receive their hidden blessings; and learn to minimize their occurrence

  • Master the art of letting go - including habits, relationships and beliefs which hinder you

  • Obtain a customized daily integration practice

  • Improve emotional intelligence, communication, creativity, authentic expression

  • Nurture your inner child

  • Play, read and do homework (really).


We will utilize elements of:

  • Transpersonal psychology and Jungian analysis

  • Inner work and active imagination

  • Neuro and bio hacking

  • Somatic experiencing

  • Pharmacology

  • Epigenetics

  • Holistic health

  • Expressive arts

  • New age thought and spirituality

  • Eastern philosophy and Buddhism.


You will learn how to harness powerful psychedelic substances to alleviate your suffering to elevate your life. We will dig into early childhood development, known and unknown trauma, attachments and family dynamics. We will look pinpoint the issues that undermine your ability to function in healthy and adaptive ways. We will work clear mental, emotional, spiritual and physical blockages that are obstructing you from living a happy, vibrant and meaningful life.

THROUGH SHADOW WORK: know thy self

In the unpredictable, intentionally-disruptive, confusing and undermining road of psychedelic exploration, I will be by your side and hold your visions, a torch of light and a solid container of grounding presence, guidance and sanity.

There is permission to shed masks, identities, superficiality

There is an encouragement to be brave and believe in miracles

There is an invitation to be you - as you are.

to the light: GOAL SETTING

We will articulate your personal transformational goals and the strategy to get you there. We will reimagine and reconstruct your path continuously to keep you aligned with the gained clarity. I will prepare you for change, provide tools, help keep you accountable, focused and empowered to achieve your mastery.

You will cultivate an intimate relationship and synchronize with your psyche, your intuition, nature, the flow of life and the Great Mystery.

I’m your psychedelic educator, mentor, witness and ally.

My intention is to keep you safe, sane and stellar. 



Join our growing tribe of psyche-delic explorers! In 2017 I founded PsychedeLiA: Psychedelic Integration, Los Angeles as my community outreach program. A collective of peers and professionals who are interested in the potential psychological and spiritual healing properties of psychedelics meet regularly through integration circles, educational classes and seminars, interactive workshops, and leisurely meetups. In these events across the greater Los Angeles area we aim to create a safe and confidential setting for individuals to gather, talk and learn about altered states of consciousness, and to connect with other like-minded community members. See you there!


Clients of Psychedelic Integration Coaching say...

I have never taken psychedelics and wanted to prepare for a trip to Ecuador and taking Ayahuasca. Even though I am a child of the 60’s, I never took part in the revolution. Instead I focused on meditation and eastern esoteric traditions. Now, I am looking to experience this aspect of life. Sherree’s class gave me to the tools to prepare for, experience and then integrate these experiences into my life. I feel very prepared for this next phase of my life’s journey. I’m sure that she can do the same for you.
Just sharing space with those that have had similar experiences or life journeys, and who were looking for answers, or actually had some answers, was very stimulating and comforting. The sharing of ideas, understandings and experiences with the intimate group members allowed me to continue the healing work and unlock more of the doors that were awaiting my presence. The journey is no longer so lonely, as a matter of fact, I’ve found the tribe I have been missing my whole life, and the wholeness is expanding as I journey forward.
I only wish the program had been available sooner! I was able to make an important perception break through that I had not been able to make on my own or with the help of a conventional therapist.
YES I would recommend the group! For anyone that is new or a veteran of plant medicines that have never had the opportunity to share within a structured support group, this is key to advancing quickly on the journey to optimal health, joy, freedom and peace. We all learned so much from each other.
Working with psychedelics is an experience that our normal, everyday mind is not use to processing and relating. The whole process is beyond our normal capacity of comprehension. Having the guidance and counsel of someone like Sherree is vital and necessary to help you integrate so you can best show up in this world with the learnings received from such mind altering experience. Thank you Sherree for holding a beautiful space to assist in processing the bigger ‘stuff’ and providing the needed guidance to make sense of what we normally cannot make sense of.