Why Psychedelic Integration Coaching?

Psychedelics invite a higher level of awareness through revelation of unconscious thoughts, feelings, emotions, understandings, truths and personal, ancestral & universal knowledge. Due to the intense nature of psychedelic experiences, these revelations can bring about a multitude of symptoms and effects on any aspect of an individual's life. These can include:

- Emotional and mental well-being

- Relationships & Family

- Physical health

- Professional/career path

- Habits & lifestyle

- Home

- Environment & nature

- Community & social role

- Spiritual and religious beliefs

-Existential inquiry

-Life purpose  

Despite these possible changes, along with potential risks involved with the use of psychedelic substances, currently there is very little emotional support available for those individuals who decide to engage with psychedelics. Some might say that this could be due to their legal status (or lack thereof, depending on the region). What's interesting is that there are numerous support avenues for users of other substances such as alcohol and opiates, and the multitude of personal and social issues that stem from their use.

Psychedelic Integration Coaching is a supportive modality that is meant to:

  • Emphasize safety, education, harm reduction and benefit enhancement in psychedelic substance use

  • Minimize potential personal and public negative effects and risks that can arise from psychedelic use

  • Amplify personal and collective healing, transformation and Self realization that can result from psychedelic use

  • Promote personal responsibility, awareness and diligence when approaching psychedelics or recovering from altered states of consciousness

Benefits of psychedelic integration coaching

-A safe and confidential space to discuss and learn about the potential benefits and risks associated with psychedelic/hallucinogenic experiences and altered states of consciousness, and the ways they can affect your well-being

- No risk of being diagnosed with a mental-health condition/disorder (in the need for assistance from a mental health clinician, I refer to psychologist/psychiatrists who are familiar with and friendly to altered states of consciousness)

- A non-judgemental emotional support space to explore options, sound concerns and fears relating to psychedelic experiences

- Clarify any confusion or intentions around psychedelic exploration

- Consult about potential pharmaceutical drug contraindications (session with a licensed pharmacist)

- Create a road map for your healing through mindful engagement with psychedelic substances

- Learn educational tools and strategies that will help you navigate psychedelic space safely, with less risk and higher efficienc

- Reflect on and translate lessons and insights gained in psychedelic space, and understand how they relate to your life

- Process, gain understanding and find meaning and words for ineffable and/or difficult journeys, visions and insights

- Create an action plan to integrate understandings into your daily routine

- Be held accountable for your integration practices

- Learn of additional psychedelic resources and supportive practices

- Enhance, prolong and reinforce the psychological, physical and spiritual healing to heal, grow, find your purpose and live your truth

- Psychedelic Integration Coaching helps you integrate and realize your psychedelic visions... So you can LIVE that psychedelic feeling. 

Who is Psychedelic Integration Coaching For?

Psychedelic Integration Coaching is offered with an acknowledgement that despite many psychedelic substances' questionable legal status around the world, the reality is that millions of individuals choose to use psychedelics for a myriad of reasons. These reasons vary greatly, depending on the culture and region. Some reasons that individuals use psychedelic/hallucinogenic substances are:

- They learn about the recent advancement in clinical research and are interested in experiencing it for themselves

- They are suffering from anxiety, depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and found pharmaceuticals/conventional therapy not useful for them

- They are dealing with addiction and heard some psychedelic substances can help cure them of this disease

- They are dealing with physical ailments and want to explore the mind/body connection that some psychedelics are thought to provide

- They heard psychedelics can provide emotional, physical and spiritual healing, and turn to them as a "last resort"

- They use them with reverence intention, as tools for psychological and spiritual growth and transformation

- They use them as religious sacrament and to connect with the spiritual realm

- They use them to provide medicinal healing to their community 

- They use them as a right of passage ritual

- They heard that psychedelics can provide mystical experiences and wish to experience it for themselves

- They wish to deepen their connection with spirituality and their highest Selves

- They're hoping to receive guidance as to their life's path and purpose

- They wish to gain higher awareness, explore and expand their own consciousness and exercise their right to cognitive liberty

- They want to increase their creativity and well-being

- They want to fit in with a social group or community 

- They are curious

- They want to get high and/or "trip"

- They want to have a good time!








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