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Why Psychedelic Integration Coaching?

Psychedelics invite a higher level of awareness through revelation of unconscious thoughts, feelings, emotions, understandings, truths and personal, ancestral & universal knowledge. Due to the intense nature of psychedelic experiences, these revelations can bring about a multitude of symptoms and effects on any aspect of an individual's life. These can include:

- Emotional and mental well-being

- Relationships & Family

- Physical health

- Professional/career path

- Habits & lifestyle

- Home

- Environment & nature

- Community & social role

- Spiritual and religious beliefs

-Existential inquiry

-Life purpose  

Despite these possible changes, along with potential risks involved with the use of psychedelic substances, currently there is very little emotional support available for those individuals who decide to engage with psychedelics. Some might say that this could be due to their legal status (or lack thereof, depending on the region). What's interesting is that there are numerous support avenues for users of other substances such as alcohol and opiates, and the multitude of personal and social issues that stem from their use.

Psychedelic Integration Coaching is a supportive modality that is meant to:

- Emphasize education, knowledge, and safety surrounding the psychedelic experience

- Promote personal responsibility, awareness and DILIGENCE when approaching or recovering from psychedelic substance experimentation

- Minimize the possible negative effects that can arise from psychedelic substance experimentation

- Amplify any potential beneficial changes associated with psychedelic substance experimentation


Psychedelic Integration Coaching benefits:

-A safe and confidential space to discuss and learn about the potential benefits and risks associated with psychedelic/hallucinogenic experiences and altered states of consciousness, and the ways they can affect your well-being

- No risk of being diagnosed with a mental-health condition/disorder (in the need for assistance from a mental health clinician, I refer to psychologist/psychiatrists who are familiar with and friendly to altered states of consciousness)

- A non-judgemental emotional support space to explore options, sound concerns and fears relating to psychedelic experiences

- Clarify any confusion or intentions around psychedelic exploration

- Consult about potential pharmaceutical drug contraindications (session with a licensed pharmacist)

- Create a road map for your healing through mindful engagement with psychedelic substances

- Learn educational tools and strategies that will help you navigate psychedelic space safely, with less risk and higher efficienc

- Reflect on and translate lessons and insights gained in psychedelic space, and understand how they relate to your life

- Process, gain understanding and find meaning and words for ineffable and/or difficult journeys, visions and insights

- Create an action plan to integrate understandings into your daily routine

- Be held accountable for your integration practices

- Learn of additional psychedelic resources and supportive practices

- Enhance, prolong and reinforce the psychological, physical and spiritual healing to heal, grow, find your purpose and live your truth

- Psychedelic Integration Coaching helps you integrate and realize your psychedelic visions... So you can LIVE that psychedelic feeling. 


The psychedelic integration coach will:

- be by your side as you walk down your path of psycho-spiritual transformation

- inform and Empower you to make better, healthier decisions that are right for you

- Create a plan with you to realize your psychedelic visions by integrating them into your life

- witness and affirm your unique experiences

- serve a meditative presence and a trusted guide when needed

- help you stay safe, sane and stellar.

Who is Psychedelic Integration Coaching For?

Psychedelic Integration Coaching is offered with an acknowledgement that despite many psychedelic substances' questionable legal status around the world, the reality is that millions of individuals choose to use psychedelics for a myriad of reasons. These reasons vary greatly, depending on the culture and region. Some reasons that individuals use psychedelic/hallucinogenic substances are:

- They learn about the recent advancement in clinical research and are interested in experiencing it for themselves

- They are suffering from anxiety, depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and found pharmaceuticals/conventional therapy not useful for them

- They are dealing with addiction and heard some psychedelic substances can help cure them of this disease

- They are dealing with physical ailments and want to explore the mind/body connection that some psychedelics are thought to provide

- They heard psychedelics can provide emotional, physical and spiritual healing, and turn to them as a "last resort"

- They use them with reverence intention, as tools for psychological and spiritual growth and transformation

- They use them as religious sacrament and to connect with the spiritual realm

- They use them to provide medicinal healing to their community 

- They use them as a right of passage ritual

- They heard that psychedelics can provide mystical experiences and wish to experience it for themselves

- They wish to deepen their connection with spirituality and their highest Selves

- They're hoping to receive guidance as to their life's path and purpose

- They wish to gain higher awareness, explore and expand their own consciousness and exercise their right to cognitive liberty

- They want to increase their creativity and well-being

- They want to fit in with a social group or community 

- They are curious

- They want to get high and/or "trip"

- They want to have a good time!

Whatever the reason for use:

Psychedelic Integration Coaching is meant to serve all individuals who are:

Curious about psychedelics

Wish to learn about psychedelics

Are planning to experiment with psychedelics

Have experimented with psychedelics

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Psychedelic Alchemy is the process of transformation from the primal human identity into the archetype of the high Self, and a conscious embodiment of one’s pure godly nature. It is a slow and steady conversion of stories, patterns, behaviors, beliefs, principles, priorities, values and assets. It is a potentiation of our chance and circumstance, a breaking through the illusory veil of personal and collective limitation. It is a remembrance of an innate truth, a reclamation of source energy, a re-creation of life in the flesh. Together in group, We are the Psychedelic Alchemists.

Who is this group for:

Individuals that view psychedelics as potential tools for healing and Self realization, and are seeking a professional, structured integration support system to maximize the benefits of their work and minimize potential risks.

The Psychedelic Alchemy Coaching Group is right for you if are undergoing profound psychedelic experiences and are ready to:

    • Commit to a 6-month expedition of inner exploration, soul healing and life creation

    • Experience a unique, deep and meaningful personal integration journey as part of a dedicated group setting

    • Work with an expert coach in a structured, proactive program to attain optimization and Self mastery in different areas of your life

    • Investigate your psyche through a Jungian analysis-inspired lens and transpersonal psychology framework

    • Participate in a non-judgmental therapeutic setting that will keep you contained, committed and supported in your ongoing integration alchemy process

    • Employ psychedelic integration wisdom to heal the past, relish in the present and design your future

    • Break through personal limiting stories to connect with and own your true, genius potential and possibilities (hint - they are infinite, as you are).




In the Psychedelic Alchemy Coaching Group you will:

    • Understand the insights and interpret meaning from psychedelic states of consciousness

    • Learn safety protocols and proper preparation techniques to minimize risks, amplify the experience and make the most out of your psychedelic work.

    • Learn tools of grounding and balancing immediately following psychedelic states

    • Integrate psychedelic visions and upgrade various areas of your life: spiritually, emotionally, cognitively, physically, environmentally

    • Learn to work with and harness the power of altered states in your day to day routine

    • Increase levels of mental resilience, emotional literacy, relationship skills, Self mastery, connection to Spirit.

    • Process challenging or confusing experiences, understand how they relate to your life and transform them into powerful catalysts of change

    • Set short and long-term goals based on your psychedelic insights

    • Receive assignments and precise action steps to achieve your personal goals

    • Be kept accountable for your commitments to yourself by a committed community of psychedelic explorers - The Psychedelic Alchemists

    • Keep connected with a group of individuals who are going through similar transformations and understand where you are

    • Envision your dream life and acquire practical skills to realize and live this life.

Psychedelic Alchemy Group Coaching





Why 6 months?

Psychedelic Alchemy coaching is meant to serve the individual in ways that are

1. Intentionally eroding to the individual’s personality structure, belief system and lifestyle;

2. deeply healing in relatively short amount of time; and

3. Oriented towards tangible results that are sustainable for the long term.

The time preceding psychedelic journeys, between them as well as the months after offer a rare window of opportunity to deepen the dialogue with the medicine and strongly connect with our inner healer. This is an auspicious time to sift through the insights, pick areas of focus and do the deep work that is often conducive to healing and growth from psychedelic experiences. In addition to coming to terms with the past and releasing stories, ideas and behaviors that no longer serve the individual, learning new ways of being, mastering new habits and ‘reprogramming’ the brain to suit our new outlook and lifestyle take all time. Integration for a single psychedelic journey can take years. However, in an intentional integration container, 6 months is a minimal yet solid timeframe to allow these mechanisms to take place naturally, with time to see results to your efforts.



What you get as a psychedelic alchemist:

  • Membership in an intimate and hand-curated group of dedicated, like-minded Alchemists who are actively pursuing consciousness exploration, psychological healing and growth, soul healing, spiritual transformation and lifestyle redesign

  • Twelve 90-minute in-person group coaching sessions (two per month) led by Sherree M. Godasi, a pioneer and trailblazer of Psychedelic Integration

  • Access to educational resources: book recommendations, podcasts, meditations, videos and take-home assignments for further learning and practice between sessions

  • Hybrid of dynamic propelling action and therapeutic environment in a distinct Jungian analysis-based coaching program

  • Closed Facebook group for ongoing support and connection between Psychedelic Alchemists

  • The Psychedelic Alchemy Coaching Group is an opportunity to work directly with Sherree at a reduced cost.


  • Applicants will be contacted for a brief interview to determine fit for the group.

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, new groups will be formed upon demand. Apply now to be considered for the upcoming group.

  • The Psychedelic Alchemy Coaching Group does not encourage the use of psychedelic substances. Psychedelic substances are not utilized in the coaching sessions and referrals to illegal psychedelic therapy are not provided.

this group is not for:

  • Integration service providers such as therapists, psychologists, counselors and coaches who are interested in acquiring professional integration skills. If this is you - check out The Integration Mastermind

  • Individuals who shy from groups and prefer one-on-one coaching experiences

  • Individuals who are in an emotional or life crisis. If this is you, consider one-on-one coaching or speaking with your health care provider. It is not advised to use psychedelics while in these situations.

  • Individuals who are not ready for honest personal investigation, including the darker parts

  • Individuals who are not interested in or prepared to commit themselves to both inner work and outer change.

  • Individuals who might be abusing psychedelics and/or are using psychedelics mindlessly or in a recreational format. Nothing wrong with this; however this coaching group is for those who are interested in the psycho-spiritual growth aspect of psychedelics. If you think you are abusing psychedelics, consider speaking with your health care provider, or check out the local community integration circles.

  • Individuals who are currently not prepared to make the monthly financial investment. Psychedelic Alchemy Coaching Groups open upon demand; you’re encouraged to apply when timing is right.


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