The Psychedelic Integration Coach

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Psychedelic Integration: Live that psychedelic feeling


what is psychedelic integration?

The psychedelic journey through altered states of consciousness impacts the journeyer mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and environmentally. Returning to normal life after experimenting with psychedelic substances and plant medicines can feel different, awkward, or even downright challenging. Acknowledgements and adjustments must be made by the individual in order to accommodate new knowledge and insights, and to regain a balanced state of wholeness and well-being; this is psychedelic integration.


what is psychedelic integration coaching?

Psychedelic integration coaching offers non-judgmental, non-pathologizing emotional support to those who are curious about, planning on or have previously explored altered states of consciousness through psychedelic substances. It is a safe space to acquire information, explore options, clarify intentions, learn educational tools, process the journey, find meaning and words for inexplicable visions, understand difficult trips, and translate the insights into daily steps that will enable you to release, heal, grow, find your purpose and live your truth. The psychedelic integration coach will be by your side as you walk down your path of psycho-spiritual transformation, witness and affirm your unique experiences, serve a meditative presence and a guide when needed, and help you stay safe, sane and stellar. 


PsychedeLiA: Psychedelic Experience Integration 

PsychedeLiA's mission purpose is to create and offer a safe and confidential setting for individuals to gather, talk and learn about altered states of consciousness, and to connect with other like-minded community members. We are a collective of peers and professionals who are interested in the potential psychological and spiritual healing properties of psychedelics. Our variety of events are community-centered and all-inclusive, currently offered in the greater Los Angeles area. Join us!


Clients of Psychedelic Integration Coaching say...

I have never taken psychedelics and wanted to prepare for a trip to Ecuador and taking Ayahuasca. Even though I am a child of the 60’s, I never took part in the revolution. Instead I focused on meditation and eastern esoteric traditions. Now, I am looking to experience this aspect of life. Sherree’s class gave me to the tools to prepare for, experience and then integrate these experiences into my life. I feel very prepared for this next phase of my life’s journey. I’m sure that she can do the same for you.
Just sharing space with those that have had similar experiences or life journeys, and who were looking for answers, or actually had some answers, was very stimulating and comforting. The sharing of ideas, understandings and experiences with the intimate group members allowed me to continue the healing work and unlock more of the doors that were awaiting my presence. The journey is no longer so lonely, as a matter of fact, I’ve found the tribe I have been missing my whole life, and the wholeness is expanding as I journey forward.
I only wish the program had been available sooner! I was able to make an important perception break through that I had not been able to make on my own or with the help of a conventional therapist.
YES I would recommend the group! For anyone that is new or a veteran of plant medicines that have never had the opportunity to share within a structured support group, this is key to advancing quickly on the journey to optimal health, joy, freedom and peace. We all learned so much from each other.
Working with psychedelics is an experience that our normal, everyday mind is not use to processing and relating. The whole process is beyond our normal capacity of comprehension. Having the guidance and counsel of someone like Sherree is vital and necessary to help you integrate so you can best show up in this world with the learnings received from such mind altering experience. Thank you Sherree for holding a beautiful space to assist in processing the bigger ‘stuff’ and providing the needed guidance to make sense of what we normally cannot make sense of.